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Why use Responsive Web Design and its Benefits


Responsive Web design is a Web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices including mobiles, PCs, Tablets etc. As the number of devices, platforms, and browsers are growing need for responsive web design is increasing.

There were times when website design used to be pretty uncomplicated: All one had to do was to ensure that the website is properly viewed on a Mac and a PC & it would be good to go! Things have since, changed drastically! We employ all sorts of devices to peruse the web, from smart phones to huge LED screens, and everything that lies in between. As each screen size and device varies and it is not possible to create a separate design for each device and Using the responsive web design approach, a web page can adjust itself on the device it’s being displayed on.

Key Benefits of using Responsive Web Designs:

Better User Experience: Instead of shrinking text and images to fit to the screen and maintaining their original structure, responsive web design lets your site move and bend and fit into the frame provided, giving your users a site that is easier to read and navigate.

Staying ahead of the competition: Very few sites currently utilize responsive web design. By making your site responsive, you will stay ahead of other businesses who do not want to invest in this technology yet. People are starting to catch on and by the end of 2014 almost all websites will be responsive to keep up with the growing number of mobile phone and tablet users.

SEO Value: Maintaining a desktop friendly site and a mobile friendly site means duplicate content which is not liked by Google. By having one responsive site, anyone can access the same content on any device and it will look great no matter what the screen size is.

Cost benefit: Before the introduction of responsive web design it was common to create multiple versions of a website to suit each individual device. By designing and building a website responsively you will only require one website, therefore, there will only be one version of the source code and only one content management system to update the content. This means that responsive web design will save you both time and money.

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Top 3 Businesses are Making it Larger by Selling Products Online

Just type ‘online shop’ on your search engine and see the range of websites that reflect on your first page. First of all you will notice, the premium paid ads, and then you will notice the ads ranked first based on their Search Engine Optimisation services (SEO). It may be filtered further based on the geographical shipping option and then slowly turning on to the second page you may see ads based on the credibility of their eCommerce solutions only. A little more analysis and you will observe only a certain select categories of goods available for online sale. Check the businesses making the most of the e-stores fresh to this age.

Clothes and Apparels

Clothes, be it for women, men, children, teens or even toddlers are making their way to homes in a rather unusual fashion. We owe this trend to the fact that consumer mind-set has changed. When just a click could get you some of the best deals in town delivered right to your home, why would someone waste their holidays lurking around streets for effectively the same deals? They’d rather chill at home or dedicate their time to better causes dearer to them. The buyer saves money, saves time, saves effort and well, saves money to travel to mall too. Some people are finicky about their sizes and hence don’t opt for online shopping, but wait! Now brands offer exchange or complete refunds on ill-fitting clothes as well.

Shoes and Accessories

There has been an influx of shoes and accessories in online shops. This is because of the low cost manufacturers in countries like India and China. Many online shoes and accessories shops now showcase some premium imported shoes on EMIs making a different business model come alive for the average consumer who could not afford a Jimmy Choo pair on outright purchase. Here too, the option of a refund or an exchange on an ill-fit is a norm necessary for business. Heard of shoes on EMI? Yes, that’s evolution of business solution that are continually enhanced and made competitive by web design solutions like

Electronics and Gadgets

There are no surprises to the fact that if people choose to buy clothes, apparels and shoes online, then consumer durables like electronics and gadgets were no different talk! Electronics and gadgets, starting from the smallest item of household utility like an iron to the smartest phone on the planet to the costliest laptop and to the smallest pin of an ordinary low cost mobile are now available online. These good can be exchanged and are securely delivered with the standardised company warranty and guarantees. The added advantage being that most online e-store managers tend to sell their clearance stock as freebies online, making these purchases even more attractive. The feedback and reviews on the website add more value to the online customer’s purchases while at the same time the testimonials of the website make the customer feel more secure about their origin of purchase.

The website design can be made attractive and more user friendly making the shopping experience more easy and user-friendly.


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