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Promote your Ecommerce Business Online with these great SEO tips

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With current market business trend it is impossible to ignore the importance the online presence of the business. Having your store online is not enough but it also requires a proper SEO work to make sure that your store is visible. We have listed some Effective SEO Techniques that are useful for any Ecommerce site or online store.

Keywords: Choose the correct keywords; if possible find less competitive Keywords with high search volume. Choose Key phrases, single word keyword cannot garner visits for you but appropriate keyword phrases will increase online visibility. Visitor to the website these days prefer advance search and that could be easily contain keyword phrases.

Website content:
As they content is the king. Make content interesting and descriptive to read. If possible put keywords in first paragraph of content. Creating content that is well-written and focuses on interesting topics relating to your industry will help it go beyond increasing your page rank by being linked to and shared by outsiders. Use relevant and interesting title for web pages and articles as this is among the first things that grab the attention of a reader. Using good Meta description is useful and it is 150 character descriptions of your content and it present good opportunities for optimization. Make sure your content has Meta descriptions with keywords included and this is a great way to get Google to recognize your content and increase its value.

Images with Alt tags: We all know that images or any graphic does not get indexed. But it is possible to make sure that images are indexed by providing alt tags to them. SO even though the picture is not getting indexed but the alt tag applied to it will help in that and help in increasing your visibility.

Optimize URL: It is necessary for good SEO to optimize your URLs for maximum benefits. Google uses different metrics to rank pages and one big factor is URL structure. Shorter URL is better. Shorter is easier for a human to read and understand by Google.

Sitemap: You should have the sitemap installed. If you using WordPress, you can install Google XML
Sitemap, which is really cool tool that will generate sitemap whenever you are adding new content, and then submit it to search engines.

Robots.txt: You should have robots.txt setup properly, to allow and disallow. Sometime if robot.txt is not set-up properly then it can stop Google crawling the site and not list it properly during search.


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