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Get the small business web site you want from the word go!

At instaCommerce we’ve seen too many new businesses spoil their web presence with do-it-yourself web sites or sites that, quite simply, look unprofessional.

In our view, this is a wasted opportunity – especially since it really doesn’t cost the earth to get a great looking web site that’s just right for your business.

We could make even cheaper web sites than we do – and plenty of other web designers will – but we choose not to because we know that you want a web site that will work hard for you – a web site that will really pull its weight.

We understand small business web site needs

The great benefit of a small business is its flexibility to meet customer needs – which means you need a web site that is flexible too.  Our small business web sites are:

  • Easy to update yourself – add new pages, copy and images as you wish;
  • Search engine friendly – getting you off to a great start with searchability;
  • Supported by initial training and 1 month’s free support to get off to a confident start.

We know that small businesses need a website that pulls its weight.  Anything else is a false economy.

We also know that small businesses need flexibility so we promise that we will never “hold you hostage” – you have copyright over the completed site and can move your hosting whenever you want.

Web sites produced quickly – we’re called instaCommerce for a reason

When you’re starting up a business – or keen to get your old web site refreshed – the last thing you want is a long wait.  But that’s what far too many small businesses put up with.

At instaCommerce, we’re geared up to act quickly – as soon as we have your content, we’re on the case and your web site will be up and running in just two weeks.  Yes, two weeks – not two months, or even worse.

We can do that because we have a flexible team of experienced and trusted developers who can be called on to get your web site set up quickly without compromising the professionalism of the service we provide.

We ask you to work with us for the best possible results

To create the great quality web sites that we do at the price we charge, we need to work efficiently.  And that’s why we ask you to work with us to a simple system that produces the web site you want.

Developed from years of experience of working with small businesses, our simple-to-use system guarantees that we can work efficiently to get your web site live – and working for your business – as soon as possible.

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About us

About UsinstaCommerce is a fast, easy to use and powerful ecommerce and content management website service that Internet enables your business. This means that using instaCommerce, not only do you get your business online quickly, you also receive a powerful website that will expand as your business grows. instaCommerce does everything you would do in your day to day business, including discounts, special offers, coupons, online payments, shipping & handling and taxes. instaCommerce also brings a host of benefits to your website. These include features that allow you to extend special offers to your customers, keep in touch with them and quickly process orders and queries.
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