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Why have a seasonal website header?

A seasonal header will make your site look up-to-date instantly and really grab the attention of your web site visitors.

After the unseasonal snow early in December, now is a good time to lift up your customers spirits by decorating your site for Christmas. You don’t have to hunt around for appropriate images as we will take care of the chore. We will decorate your website or online store for the season. Best of all the original look can be restored at no extra charge upon request.

If you’re making a seasonal offer, there’s no better way to put that across than with a big splash on your home page. Or simply add some variety to your site by wishing your visitors a Happy Christmas

We’ve even teamed up with one of our favourite clients, cartoonist Richard Duszczak of, so that we can put across a message that will really motivate your visitors to take the next crucial step to buying from you – all with a snappy seasonal twist

Cartoon Examples
cartoon-examples cartoon-examples

What else could you use a seasonable header for?
  • Celebrating special events?
  • Providing seasonal hints and tips for your customers?
  • Drawing attention to seasonal problems you can solve such as winter weather related emergencies, supplies and keep warm ideas.

Christmas design elements:

Put Santa Cap on your logo
Garland your web site
Snow falling effect on website
Settle a snowman and/or Santa with reindeers on your web shop front-end £30
Create attractive holiday gift certificates
Cover your web site header with customised Christmas Banner
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It’s not too late to add some festive cheer for Christmas and New Year so why not give us a call today on 01246 541934 – or contact us.

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